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    April 16, 2024
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Prior to founding Chicago Locations in 1984, Valerie Bulinski was a high school teacher at Chicago Parochial High School and a leading salesperson for Porsche and BMW.

In 1984 she met her mentor Billy Higgins, an internationally recognized producer, who introduced her to the intricacies and nuances of production. Since that time, Valerie has worked on too many different movies, commercials, photo-shoots, video games, music videos and events to list.

In 1987, Valerie was invited to join the Directors Guild of America. In 1996, Valerie’s peers elected her to serve as the East Coast AD / UPM Council Member for 1997-1999 and then, again, from 2003-2005.

Today, Valerie serves on the Waiver Committee for the Eastern Council and the Chicago Committee for the DGA.

When not on location, Valerie enjoys yoga, weight lifting, writing and spending time with Moca, a very smart Pomeranian.


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