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    April 16, 2024
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Over the last 29 years, Chicago Locations has worked on hundreds and hundreds of projects.  The following are just a few examples of Chicago Locations' projects.


Feature Film
2013 Transformer 4 Paramount DGA 2nd A.D./LS
2009 Nightmare on Elm Street New Line Productions DGA 2nd A.D./LS
2007 The Express Express Films, LLC DGA 2nd A.D./LS
2000 Dragonfly Universal City Studios LLC DGA 2nd A.D./LS
1999 Madison Madiosn Miracle Productions LLC DGA 2nd A.D./LS
1993 The Fugitive Warner Brothers Pictures DGA 2nd A.D./LS
1991 Rapid Fire Twentieth Century Fox DGA 2nd A.D./LS
1987 Above the Law Warner Brothers Pictures DGA 2nd A.D./LS
1986 Ferris Bueller's Day Off Paramount Pictures Location Assistant
1986 Lucas Twentieth Century Fox Film Location Assistant

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