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    June 22, 2024
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How We Work: To the Professional

  1. Location Scouting and Location Managing is a DGA Union position. Fees can be paid through a time card. If you select a location from the site. Payment can also be made on a DGA time card. If invoices are required for payment, full payment will be required the day of the shoot along with the Location Rental Fee.
  2. A clearing request must be obtained before any locations are officially cleared. This request must be written through an email or fax.
  3. Chicago Locations will not be responsible for any changes made to a location or any discontent of your client. Chicago Locations will not be responsible for the misinterpretation of size or appearance of the location. Therefore, Chicago Locations strongly recommends that all clients scout their preferred locations prior to confirming.
  4. A Location Rental Agreement, provided by Location Consultants, along with a “Certificate of Insurance” must be signed and provided prior to the shoot day.

Production Details

  1. Permission from the homeowner must be obtained prior to moving any furniture.
  2. No smoking inside any home or public building. If smoking is permitted on the grounds outside, please place ash cans with signs directing crew; do not throw butts on the ground.
  3. Cellular phones are required on location. Homeowner phones or DSL service is not available to crew unless organized in advance.
  4. Electricity usage for film is determined on the technical scout. Most property owners decline the use of the power of the premises. If required and agreed to, then an additional power fee will need to be negotiated as part of the Location rental. Electricity usage for print (in most cases) only requires normal power; therefore no fee is added for usage.
  5. Home-owner's personal supplies may only be used if agreed to in advance. This includes: trash bags, toilet paper, paper towels, eating utensils, coffee/tea and any props.
  6. Chicago Locations recommends that the Producer and Property Owner, prior to the shoot day, perform a walk-through to note any existing defects or damage at the location. Then, at the end of the shoot, the walk-through will be repeated and any new damage must be reported within 48 hours (unless other agreements have been made in advance).
  7. The Producer is responsible for acquiring all necessary permits and payment of any fees associated therewith, unless the Producer hires Chicago Locations to manage the location. An additional fee will be charged for these services.
  8. At the end of all shoots, Producers are responsible for removing all trash, sweeping and mopping all floors and returning the location to its original state.

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