Chicago Locations

    May 30, 2024

Is there any charge to view the location rental properties on the site?

No. Chicago Locations site is FREE to use. Once registered, Producers can view any location on the site. As we are constantly updating and increasing our database, there may be new locations not posted yet so please contact us if there is anything you need but cannot find.

What is the Idea Cart?

The Idea Cart is an exclusive feature of Chicago Locations that enables Producers keeps track of all the various properties that might fit a specific project’s needs. The Idea Cart also enables Producers to quickly and easily recall properties for use on future projects as well.

Does the Location Rental Fee include permits or leafleting?

No. The Location Rental Fee is purely for the location rental itself. The City of Chicago and each municipality have their own unique processes that require a certain amount of time and knowledge to secure the permit.

However, Chicago Locations has extensive experience in negotiating the permit process and, for an additional fee, would obtain the necessary permits as well as “leafleting” the neighbors, finding and negotiating crew parking, securing lunch locations as well as all other elements of Location Managing your project to help make it as successful as possible.

When is the Location Rental Fee due?

The full Location Rental Fee is due either on the day of shoot or prep day (if prep day is needed).


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