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    May 30, 2024
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Over the last 29 plus years, Chicago Locations has worked on hundreds and hundreds of projects.  The following are just a few exmamples of Chicago Locations' projects.




Toyota  Park Pictures DGA 2nd A.D./LM

Exon Furlined DGA 2nd A.D/LM

Samsung Titled Location Manager
Dicks Sporting  Arts and Science DGA 2nd A.D/LM
Gatorade Imperial Woodpecker DGA 2n A.D./LM
New Balance 8TIV Location Manager
Elie Saab Paradoxal Location Manager

Lottery Pulse Films DGA 2nd A.D./LM

Value City Furniture George Brand Location Manager

Toyota Clipp Pictures Location Manager
Humari Fixer Films Location Manager




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